7-day itinerary in Romania – Route full of nature and views on a low budget during August

Our itinerary in Romania

Sibiu cityOcna Sibiului salt lakesGura Raului villageWalking route in the Cindrel mountains – Dam and park – Transfăgărășan road

A year ago we went on a different, 10-day trip in Romania. Link to 10-day itinerary in Romania.

When was the trip?

In the middle of August

How much did our trip to Romania cost?

The whole trip (7 nights in Romania) cost us around 1300 euros , or even less. Including  flights, lodging (200 euros for a couple, for 7 nights), a car we rented through Rentalcars for five days (230 euros), food and drink (Supermarkets, markets and restaurants).

Places to stay at in Sibiu district, Romania

Airbnb apartment in Sibiu city, a nice apartment with a luxurious garden, a bit far from the city center – about a 20-minute walk. Suitable for those looking for a quiet place in Sibiu’s residential area. Next to an excellent restaurant.
Airbnb apartment in Gura Raului village (A half-hour drive from the city). Apartment with magical view in a charming little village in Sibiu district. One of the best apartments we’ve stayed at, while only costing 80 shekels a night! Link to extended post about the apartment.

Link to 30-euro discount coupon on your first Airbnb booking.

On our final night we stayed at Floare de colt apartment house, relatively close to the Sibiu airport. The apartment doesn’t have an air conditioner, only a fan, and so it’s better from the cold months.

Our itinerary detailed by day in Romania

Day 1-2, Sibiu city

We found a cheap flight to Sibiu during August and decided to take advantage of the low price to keep exploring Romania (We traveled to Romania last year as well but visited different areas). We landed in the afternoon and the Airbnb apartment owner came to pick us up at the airport. You could also take a cab, as taxi prices are very low – a taxi, not during high traffic hours, will run you about 15-20 lei.

Afterwards, we went to an excellent local restaurant by the apartment, called Prima. Then, after getting some rest at the apartment, we went for a stroll around the old town.

The next day we kept on exploring the city, went up to a vantage point in a tower, went on the bridge of lies, visited some nice cafés, bought souvenirs at stalls and more. Here’s an extended post about the things you can do in Sibiu.

Day 3 – Ocna Sibului salt lakes

In the morning we collected the car we ordered through the Rentalcars website. We took the car from the airport, since it was cheaper that way, and could therefore return it straight there on the day of our flight back home (We hadn’t rented it from day one since Sibiu really doesn’t require a car). After picking it up, we drove to Ocna Sibului salt lakes, which are half an hour away from the city.

We spent the entire day there and it was a ton of fun. It’s a great activity for hot days in Romania (Which don’t come around frequently, but it’s a great option when they do :)). I’ve written a full post about our experiences at the salt lakes, along with other important information. Link to post about salt lakes.

Day 4 – Gura Raului village

Our fourth day happened to be a Friday, so at first we drove to the local market in Sibiu, by the cathedral (The market is only open on Fridays, from 10:00 to 13:00). It’s a small market with good, local produce. We bought fruit, vegetables, honey and cheeses, then continued to an Airbnb apartment in the village.

It was a half hour drive from the city before we reached a beautiful, authentic, pastoral village. We had a picnic in the apartment’s garden with the products we bought (We also bought bread and sausages from the nearby supermarket), then we rested and walked around the village and in the evenings went to a romantic dinner in a restaurant in the adjacent village – Conacul Maria Theresa

Day 5 – Walking track in the Cindrel mountains

We really enjoy walking tracks and while were in the village, we decided it would be a good opportunity to look for a nice trek in the area. Since it was the middle of August, we looked for a track in the mountains, so it wouldn’t be too hot and lucky for us, then route we chose was shaded for the majority of the way, which made for a nice experience. We also ended the trek on an excellent meal at a restaurant with a breath-taking view of the mountains and greenery. Link to extended post about the walking track we went on and the restaurant.

Day 6 – Park and dam


15 minutes away from the village we stayed at is an enormous, impressive dam and a little river. We saw many families go there to have a picnic and get a tan, while the little kids played in the shallow waters. Arrival there is by a kurkar road, on the right (Map). If you continue on the paved road on the left side (Meaning, avoid turning onto the kurkar road and keep driving down road 106m), you reach the dam from above, and can even keep driving to the other side of the dam – which is beautiful.

Dumbrava Sibiului National Park

After visiting the dam, we continued to Dumbrava Sibiului National park. It’s a giant park with a lake, a museum – Muzeul ASTRA, with exhibits in different pavilions throughout the park, and restaurants.

It’s a great park to simply walk around, check out the museums exhibits, eat local food at the restaurants and just sit and enjoy the park. We ate at Cârciuma din Bătrâni (Map). The restaurant was full but service was relatively quick. We ordered Mămăligă, soup and a plate of starters. The plate had many fatty foods, so I didn’t enjoy it as much, the Mămăligă and soup were good (Not the best restaurant we’ve been to, but a good option for lunch if you’re in the park)

Day 7 – Transfăgărășan road

There’s a reason why this road is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. We drove there in the late morning hours on a Monday. We were lucky enough to have great weather and spent a whole day there. We spent two hours at lake Bâlea and stopped to take photos a ton of times, enjoying the views. I’ve written a full post with information about the road and our experience there. Link to post about Transfăgărășan road.

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