A great wine tastings experience in Athens

We really like drinking wine, and love learning about the wine we drink. Through wine, you can always get the feeling that you’re touring the country – which is always great fun, especially in countries known for their good wine. Before our arrival in Athens I did some research and discovered Greece has very high-quality wine.

We wanted to tour wineries, but since it was December (Early winter), I couldn’t find any tasting tours in wineries – But I did find wine tastings in a bar complete with a detailed explanation by a sommelier. It sounded to me like a great time and so I ordered them through Athens Walking Tours. Our tastings were scheduled to 18:00 and we were given the name of the bar they’ll be held at.

We arrived at a lovely bar with a modern design. We met the owner, Mike, and the sommelier, Vangelis, and both were super nice. Micky told us a bit about the bar and the wine, then we started the tastings. We sat at the bar and started off with rose wine. We followed it up with white and red wines.

At one point, we were served a plate with two kinds of cheese, sausage and breadsticks. Nothing goes better with wine than cheeses. They were really good, just the type of hard cheese I like, and the sausage was of very high quality as well.

The tastings were carried out in a calm fashion, according to our wishes. We could enjoy each served wine and I got to take many fun pictures, since we were the only ones there. Vangelis told us extensively about each wine, each one being from a different region of Greece – Vangelis even told us of the regions themselves. Mike drew us a little map of Greece, and Vangelis marked the map with each new wine served.

Vangelis’ knowledge is rich and he made us feel as if we were traveling along with him among the different wineries and tastings their wares. If you like wine, and enjoy learning more about it rather than just drinking it – This experience will suit you well.

It’s a great combination of taste and learning. We really liked the wine itself, which was of high-quality, and the staff were really charming. The combined effect of the wine tastings, the nice food plate and the explanations themselves served to turn our hangout at the bar into a fun and enriching time. Read more about the wine tastings and our experience there.

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