About Us

Hi there! We are Nofar and Roman

We are travel bloggers from Israel. About two years and a half ago we both quit our jobs so we can start traveling. We went on a long trip in order to break our normal routine and make a big change in our lives. During our time in India, we decided to start this blog. Since we travel in every chance we get and write all about our experiences.

Our motto is “Combining the good life with local experiences”. We enjoy the good life! Great hotels, amazing resorts, magical beaches, cocktails and wine, good restaurants… But unlike all the other luxury travelers, we think a trip cannot be complete without trying some local experiences: local markets, local street food, and hikes. Nothing like returning to a 5-stars hotel after a 5-hour walk in the mountains!

On this blog, you will find loads of recommendations for special accommodations  and unique things to do and see at each destination. 

We only write about good experiences and not the bad ones. We write based on personal experience only, and we don’t write of anything that we didn’t try for ourselves.

We made this huge change in our lives because one day we woke up and we realised that life is too short to just spend it at work and worry about a mortgage. That is why we decided to think what we really want from this life, and we went for travel, seeing the world, learning about other cultures, seeing new views, and tasting foods that we have yet to try.

Ever since our big trip, it’s been decided that I (Nofar) will focus on the blog. I will write the content, edit videos, market it and learn everything that there is to know about blogs. Roman will help with the technical and business side of the blog. He also started working part time as a programmer, and spends the rest of his time on personal projects. We decided to invest in passive income instead of investing in buying a home and feeling like we must stay in one place for life.

We hope that our posts and videos will make you want to take a short break from your daily routine and go traveling. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me in the “contact me” tab. It was a pleasure meeting you, safe travels!