Adults only hotel in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava – Luxurious hotel by the beach

A few months ago, we were at a tourism convention in Berlin where we met Anna, who is a director of hotels in Barcelona and Costa Brava. She was excited by the blog and the Israeli crowd and invited us to stay at their hotels.

After reading reviews about the hotel and seeing their location, the decision was easy, and we ordered tickets right away.

The hotel we booked in Costa Brava was Delamar hotel in Lloret de Mar.

Delamar hotel in Costa Brava

We arrived at the hotel with a car from Barcelona. It’s possible to reach Lloret de Mar by bus or by train then bus. The hotel has paid parking if you come by car and there’s also a free parking a bit further from the hotel.
We personally loved having a car on hand but it’s possible to travel the area by public transportation and taxis or rent motorcycles and ATV.

We arrived at the hotel during the afternoon, parked our car and went to the reception. We were greeted with a smile and received the card to our room. We were told that at 17:30 there is a cheese tasting, along with a free glass of wine, for hotel guests at the pool area. There’s a pool area downstairs as well as a terrace with a pool on the top floor. Additionally, we were given a straw hat (Which Roman really liked and wore the entire time) and a beach bag.

The room itself

We got a room on the 6th floor. The room was cute and basic with two beds, a TV, a room with a shower stall and a toilet. It had a nice balcony with a table and two chairs and view of the pool.
After we got the room we decided to go down to the pool.

The pool

The pool area is a lot of fun, there are sitting spots, some with tables and chairs and others with reclining chairs, tanning beds with mattresses and pillows, access to the hotel bar and a modern design.
We laid down on the reclining chairs and I read a book as usual, Roman was on his phone. Then we noticed it was already five and a half, which meant it was time for the cheese tasting to begin.

Cheese tasting and glass of wine

So, at precisely five thirty, they brought out a large table on wheels, covered with different varieties of cheeses, crackers and olives. A line of people waiting for the cheeses formed quickly, but we managed to be among the first and each of us got himself a plate of cheeses. Afterwards, we ordered two glasses of white wine from the bar and returned to the reclining chairs.

The bar

On our second day at the hotel we decided to have two cocktails after dinner. I ordered a sangria as usual and Roman has a Tequila sunrise cocktail. What’s nice was that we could have them on the tanning beds and just spent two hours there, talking and drinking our cocktails.

Food at the hotel

Our stay at the hotel included breakfasts and dinners. Breakfast is a buffet and is highly varied, there’s some of everything. There are fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, breads, desserts, eggs to your taste, hot stews and more.

Dinner is a buffet as well, and what I liked about it is the option to order meat or fish straight off the grill. There were many stews, salads, vegetables, soups, breads, varied sides such as Risotto and pasta, as well as a dessert area which included a chocolate fountain for Fondue (There were fruits and marshmallows you could dip in the chocolate).

Dinner didn’t include drinks, so if you want light beverages or alcohol you may order them from your table’s waiter and get it for an extra price (The price is very reasonable).
We enjoyed the food a lot, the variety and quality of it. The dining room itself was very clean and felt like a restaurant.

More about Delamar hotel

The hotel has a gym we unfortunately didn’t get to try out due to a busy schedule. There is also the top floor with the terrace, which offers a beautiful view, it’s highly recommended to go up there during sunset. There are other sitting areas such as reclining chairs and tanning beds, and also the pool. Additionally, there are yoga classes in the morning and a massage room. There are also lockers to keep your things in (I really liked the concept of coded lockers, rather than a storage room).
The hotel is quite large and had many guests, but the feeling is very nice, clean and quiet.

The hotel’s location

The hotel is in a very central location, a two-minute walk away from the beach. The beach is nice and clean, with tanning beds and sun umbrellas for rent (7 euros per chair and 7 for an umbrella), though you can simply lie on a towel. The beach is actually made up of many tiny rocks rather than sand (I personally preferred it, that way the sand doesn’t end up sticking to your whole body). The beach was rather crowded, but you can find calmer areas. There are also water sports like boats with little slides and paragliding.

In the evening, the area by the hotel becomes lively and you are a minute away from all the action. There are many bars, restaurants, cafés, stores and clubs within walking distance. There is also the boardwalk, with more bars and restaurants. There’s fast food and a supermarket. Also next to the hotel is a bus stop for those without a car.
The Lloret de Mar museum is a few minutes’ walk away. Despite the central location, the hotel itself is quiet, as are the rooms. Put short, it’s an excellent location.

Our experience at the hotel

I must say I’ve had the chance to stay at many hotels in vacation towns. Most are crowded and noisy, not to mention – of lower quality. This hotel is a whole other hosting experience. The mere fact you are given a hat and bag, as well as the free tastings, is already a tell. Service is excellent, the design is modern and innovative, everything is clean and quiet.

There are many sitting spots by the bar as well, the cocktails were great, as was the food, and the location is central and comfortable.
I can understand why this hotel gets such a high rating and such positive reviews.

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