Culinary experience at Michelin Star restaurant in Dublin

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or just feel like treating yourself to a night to remember – Look no further than the L’Ecrivain restaurant. It belongs to Ireland’s Blue Book, a chain of incredible boutique hotels and high-class restaurants. We had a reservation for 19:00 and ended up staying until nearly 23:00, a sure testimony to just how much we enjoyed ourselves!

First off, the restaurant’s design is very prestigious and appealing, and service is without a hitch

On offer are a 90 euro (per person) tasting menu, as well as a three-course seasonal menu for 75 (First, main and dessert). We elected to go with the seasonal menu, as it featured both a lobster risotto and a shrimp dish I’ve yearned to try.

We followed it up with a glass of wine each – I had a glass of rose and Roman had champagne (You may choose to order several glasses of wine, so as to accompany each individual dish to your preference).

The meal began with a small appetizer of clams with potato mousse – Roman later claimed this was one of tonight’s “winning” dishes and perhaps the best clam he’s ever had.

First dishes

Afterwards, we were served our two first dishes of choice, a lobster risotto and shrimps, with fennel and cucumber and red pepper sauces. We shared each other’s food so we can both try more dishes.

Both dishes were outstanding.  The shrimps were crunchy and the lobster risotto was pleasantly tart and subtly flavoured.

For an additional fee we ordered an extra dish of Mackerel, and a good thing we did – as it was by far the best Mackerel I’ve ever had. It was garnished with cauliflower and caviar and was absolutely delicious.

Having finished our first course, we were served a refreshing palate, to prepare us for the main course.

Main Dishes

Our mains were fish and venison. I must say the venison blew me away, it was definitely tonight’s winning dish in my book. The fish was excellent as well, you could really feel the freshness of the ingredients shining through in both dishes, and the presentation was very appetizing.

For dessert we went with a cheese plate and an amazing chocolate cake.
The cheese plate turned out to be a brilliant idea, as it easily proved good enough to be a standalone dish and paired delightfully with our wine.

The chocolate cake with berries was excellent. We ended the meal with tea, served with balls of chocolate, gel and macarons –
a perfect finish to a perfect evening.

The delicious food, exquisite presentation and 5+ star service all play a part in turning the meal into an entire night of culinary delight.

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