Druze hospitality in Hurfeish village – North Israel

If you are looking for an idea for a vacation in Israel in a different style, you had better read this post about the Druze hospitality in Hurfeish village in the north of Israel. This vacation isד suitable for families, couples, or friends who want an authentic and fascinating Druze experience.

Hurfeish is a Druze village located in the Upper Galilee. It has a population of 6200, 96% of them are Druze and the other 4% are Christians. The village is quiet and clean. The people there are humble and adorable. It’s filled with interesting sites, holy places, great projects, hiking trails, and delicious food. Map   
Read about recommended restaurants in Hurfeish.

Druze lodging in Hurfeish

Yearot Havadi zimmer

Romantic cabin, beautifully designed in Druze style. In the site there are two cabins with huge balconies and a shared Hot tub Spa.
Each cabin has a private bathroom and a second floor (gallery floor) with a bed (so it’s suitable for couples and families as well).

We went to the cabins with another couple and it was amazing. The view from the balcony is breathtaking.
The price per cabin is around 500 shekels and it includes a big Druze breakfast (for every kid it’s 100 shekels extra).

There is an option to also order a Druze dinner and you can buy homemade products like olive oil, jams, and more, we bought the olive oil and apple jam that were great.
Naaman and his family are fabulous hosts and we had an amazing time staying in their cabins. I really recommend it. Naaman’s phone 053-9418709

Annan zimmer in Hurfeish

The zimmer is a big area with four rooms. Three rooms have a double bed, a  single one, and a private bathroom. One more room is a big room with a double bed and a lot of mattresses.
There is a shared equipped kitchen and a huge balcony. A part of the balcony is covered (for the winter). The place is suitable for families, friends, and couples.

The balcony outside has two tables and breakfast is served there.
The view from the balcony is over all the Hurfeish village.
The price for a couple is 400-500 shekels and includes a big Druze breakfast.
There is an option to also order dinner (Druze or BBQ).

Another thing that you can order is a tour with the owner, Hamdan. He is a tour guide and he can take you to a great tour in the village (separate payment). You can book the tour even if you are not staying in his zimmer.
Hamdan and his family were super nice and great hosts. Hamdan’s phone 050-6948590

Things to do in Hurfeish

Hiking trail

Hiking in a trail called “shvil habanim” (trail for the boys). It’s a long trail that covers 226 km and passes through 18 Druze villages. The trail in Hurfeish is a small part of it. It’s about 4.5 km. The trail is easy to walk and it’s also suitable for kids. It has several springs and it’s really nice to walk there.

There are other trails you can do that are more difficult (there are several ones signalized with different colors). The trail is not circular, so it’s recommended to leave the car at the end of the trail.

Tour in Hurfeish

You can go independently to each landmark that I will mention, but I think that the tour with Hamdan has added value. Hamdan (the owner of “Annan” zimmer) explains everything: he talks about the tradition, history of each place, and answers every question. The tour is about 2-3 hours and I really recommend it.

D”r ziad dabour visitor center

Ziad, son of a Druze family, was born in the village of Beit Jann in the heart of Mount Meron Nature Reserve which is the largest and richest in medicinal herbs in Israel. His childhood years were spent in the company of his grandfather, a farmer with ties of love to the soil of the Galilee.

A deep understanding of the natural components that contribute to the biochemical and physiological processes of the skin, constitute an inexhaustible resource in the research, development and production of a series of specialty products for the protection, health and the youthful look of the skin.
The center is open Monday-Saturday 10:00-16:00 and the entrance is free

The memorial center for Nabia Marai

The memorial is located across from the visitor center
Nabia Marai was born in Hurfeish. He was the first Druze that was accepted to join the paratroops. And at the moment of his death he was with the highest rank Druze who died during military service.

He was killed in 1996 and six months later the memorial center opened in his brother’s first-floor house. His sister-in-law (Amal) maintains the center voluntarily.
You can visit the center through an appointment with Amal.

Lace makers

In the heart of the village of Hurfeish, resides the Hurfeish Women Center for Traditional arts & crafts.
35 religious women, housewives, assemble for a social gathering and engage together in their common hobby of embroidery and knitting. It is a hobby inherited from their mothers and grandmothers and is passed down in the family from one generation to the next.

The meeting is the result of a touristic cultural and social initiative, designed to promote the status of Druze women and to integrate them in the workforce, while preserving their traditional handicraft and enabling them to help in the household economy.

You can order their products online or come to the place itself and hear about the amazing project and be impressed by their products.
Product prices range from 5 shekels for a hairpin to 1200 shekels for a bed-spread.

Nebi Sabalan

He is one of the prophets of the Druze ethnic group. He spread the Druze religion 1000 years ago in Hurfeish. He lived there in a cave. The cave and all the site are considered as a holy place.

The site is located on top of the mountain so the view from there is wonderful. Every 10th of September there’s a pilgrimage to his cave with people all around the world.

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