List of websites, apps and tips that’ll save you money for your next trip

I often get asked which websites I use to plan our trips. Actually, I’ve written a number of posts regarding my methods of lowering trip costs, but I decided to write this concentrated post listing the websites, apps and all of my best tips when it comes to saving money.

Best websites for traveling

Flights Search

  1. Skyscanner website –  My favorite search engine. It will help you look for flights sorted by month, destination, etc. It can find you a flight to the cheapest destination in a specific month.
  2. CheapOAir and Jetradar websites –  search engine for finding cheap flights (Usually more than other options on the market)
  3. Kiwi website – a website which allows you to search for flights by radius, by cheapest prices regardless of destination between certain dates and many other smart search parameters.

Tip: I recommend cross-checking the flights you find on all 3 websites to see who’s offering the better price.


  1. HotelsCombined Website – a great search engine for hotel price comparison
  2. TripAdviser – a search engine with many reviews, allowing you to get a clearer image of what the hotel is like
  3. Booking – a leading website for booking hotels, we’ve personally used it often.
  4. Pruvo – a free service! After booking a hotel, you send an e-mail to [email protected], and it the price of the room you’ve booked goes down, you’ll receive an alert by mail – allowing you to cancel and book again for a lower cost, or ask the website you booked through to round your price down to the new amount (Most websites are committed to offering the lowest price possible).
  5. For those who prefer an apartment to a hotel, Airbnb is the leading website in that field. Link to a 150 shekel discount on your first order from the website.

Tip: I recommend cross-checking the reviews on TripAdviser, Booking and google reviews to get a reliable picture regarding the hotel.

Getting from the airport to your Hotel

Generally, the cheapest way to get from the airport to your hotel is by public transport. Some destinations, such as Berlin, have a direct train line from the airport to central locations in the city which is really comfortable – However, if your flight lands at a late hour or is a really long flight, public transport can sometimes not be the best way to travel. We often use the Uber app.

Another possibility is getting a taxi ahead of time using taxi2airport. The taxi prices there are really low, and you can also add certain requirements such as a baby seat (With no extra pay).

Attractions and tours for the trip

  1. GetYourGuide website – a great website offering a wide variety of tours at attractive prices.
  2. Sandemands website – a company offering many tours, some free. We got to go on free (Tip based) tours with them in several locations around the world, and they were always very good.
  3. LikeALocal website – a website showcasing many tips by locals. I use it a lot to find less touristic places, such as cafés, restaurants and attractions
  4. Instagram – You can use the # plus a specific destination to see pictures from that destinations and find special things to do there that way. For example, #BerlingCafe is a way to see pictures from Berlin cafés which you can then google.

Great apps for traveling

  1. Navigating apps – Google maps and Moovit
  2. Transportation apps – Uber, Getaxi and in east Asia Grab also works great
  3. Restaurant apps – Restaurant finder will help you find restaurants near you and show you a rating for them
  4. An app to help you pack – Pack Point will build you a list of what to take with you depending on your destination and the date of your trip.

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