Must-visit bar in Athens – Surprising molecular cocktail bar

We really like cocktail bars and so, before the trip to Athens, I tried to find one that was truly special. An online search brought me across Momix bar, a molecular cocktail bar. The photos looked super cool and besides, we’ve never been to a molecular bar before.

I’ve seen very good reviews about the place and immediately added it to our Athens to-do list. The experience we had at this bar was amazing and we ended the night drunk and happy. It’s not everyday you get to experience a culinary phenomenon of high-quality alcohol combined with a fascinating molecular show.

Momix Bar

We arrived at the early hour of 8 o’clock. We were hyped about the place’s cool design since before even entering. We sat at the bar, so we could see the action. The bartender, Fotis, gave us the box shaped menu (So we could think outside the box :)) and we decided to start the evening off with a molecular cocktail in a spoon, along with a bubbling cocktail and a gelatinous textured one in a syringe.  

The cocktails

That’s when the show started – Lots of smoke, mixing of drinks and when it was done we were served our drinks. It was such a success in our minds that ten minutes later we ordered 2 more cocktails, with more to follow. Consider yourself warned, those drinks are addictive! They’re so special and of such a high-quality that you just can’t stop drinking them.

Before we came to the bar I didn’t really know what to expect, I thought it might be more about a gimmick than good cocktails, but I was proven completely wrong. They mix high-class, professional drinks. The best way to tell the quality of drinks is the following day. We had perhaps eight kinds of cocktails, if not more, and in the morning – I felt fresh as a pickle

At some point we got to meet the owners, Aris and Thodoris,. We complimented their establishment and Aris offered to give us a tour of the bar’s lab. That’s where he spends days and nights trying to concoct new molecular drinks. He does tons of experiments, and so they change the cocktail menu every 6 months. The lab is very impressive – They give bartending training, lectures and classes there as well.

Aris started the job some 10 years ago. Momix has 2 bars – One in Athens and another in Santorini and they enjoy great success among locals and tourists alike.

They also have a bar food menu we tried two items off – One chicken dish and another of dates filled with Roquefort cheese and wrapped in bacon. The food suited the bar’s atmosphere perfectly. Roman claimed the chicken was the best he’s ever had, and I must agree with him. It was succulent and even tasted more like meat than poultry. Both dishes were surprising in flavor and we really liked their concepts.

I’d consider this bar a “mandatory recommendation” for anyone looking for a cool, intoxicating experience full of new flavors – With great service and of the highest quality. 

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