Night life in Tel Aviv – Recommended hangout spots in town

There are many reasons why Tel Aviv is such a fun city, it has great restaurants from different cuisines worldwide and great cafés. It’s a city located on the shore stretch and so you’ll find many beaches in it, each one with its own unique feature.
It has comfortable weather year long, even in the middle of February you may land on a warm day. It has varied markets with excellent street stalls and really good night life.

In Tel Aviv you’ll find bars, dance bars, cocktail bars, clubs and everything of the highest class with happy people who love to have fun.

I decided to write about a few of my favorite spots in the city, here’s that list

Where should you go out to in Tel Aviv?

Stax bar 

Stax is a super fun bar with a DJ playing good music, and really good food, too. Honestly, I don’t usually have high expectations when it comes to bar food, but I got to try some delicious dishes (Like the white fish ceviche and the sausage and cabbage Msabbaha). At this bar I had several dishes, it turns out this bar’s chef had worked with some of the biggest names in Israeli cuisine, and that really shows in the quality of the food. In addition to the great service, they also have a happy hour everyday between 18:00 and 21:00 with 1+1 on all food and drinks. In short, I highly recommend this place.

Address: Maze 49

Sputnik bar

Sputnik is a hangout bar with both outside and inside seating areas and a great atmosphere. I’ve found this bar while doing an amazing pub crawl in Tel Aviv and it was a really fun place.
Address: Allenby 122

Kuli Alma

When I feel like dancing, this is the place I go to. Kuli Alma is a cool dance bar with an entire dance floor playing African-American music where you can easily dance for hours. Also, there’s a dance floor where they play 80’s music and a large area where you can just sit with friends.

Address: Mikve Israel 10

Cocktail bars in Tel Aviv

A few years ago we’ve discovered the cocktail bar scene in Berlin. We visited really high-class cocktail bars there and feel in love with the concept. To my delight, we found out that Tel Aviv also has an amazing level of cocktail bars and over time discovered more and more of them, some even won international awards for their cocktails.
I decided to write about three such bars that are at the top of my list.

Imperial bar

Imperial bar is inside a hotel, as it is for many cocktail bars around the world. It has a dark, Romantic atmosphere to it. Roman and I always sit at the bar there and I love challenging the bartenders every time, asking them to improvise a spicy, sour cocktail that isn’t on the menu for me. Time and again, I’m pleasantly surprised and they always manage to nail just the kind of cocktail I like. For Roman, their winning cocktail is the bloody Mary.

Additionally, their food menu has some excellent dishes that go well with the cocktails.
They also hold a happy hour everyday from 17:00 to 19:00. It’s highly recommended to book a seat at this bar, as it’s usually crowded.

Address: Ha-Yarkon 66


If you’re looking to impress and visuals are important to you, Bellboy is a bar that will blow you away. You won’t find a bar in Israeli that serves its cocktails quite like this. You’ll find cocktails in a king’s mug, or inside a sea-shell or even a cocktail shaped like a bubbling bathtub.

Every dish there is served in the most impressive way possible and beyond everything there being sweet, professional and delicious, it’s a banquet for your senses.
This bar is also inside of a hotel and is one of the most popular cocktail bars. This is another instance where I’d recommend booking in advance.

Address: Berdichevski 14

223 bar

223 is the first cocktail bar I’ve discovered in Israel. A friend of mine told me about it and ever since it’s been on my list of favorite bars to go out to with friends or on a double date with Roman and other couples. The place has a light atmosphere, not as dark as those at the imperial or the Bellboy. The cocktails are really good and there are tasty dishes, too. The feeling at this bar isn’t as lucrative, so I think it’s more appropriate for a light evening with friends.

Address: Dizingoff 223

Other hangout spots in Tel Aviv

Besides the bars I’ve mentioned, there are other good places for dancing like the Pasáž and There are also Port Said and Romano, which while they are categorized as restaurants and even belong to one of Israel’s top chefs, they do still have a lively atmosphere and in Romano you’ll even find people dancing.

There’s also the flea market area, which at night turns into a crowded area and all the bars bring out tables and chairs outside. You can sure have a round of drinking in the area.
The Carmel and Levinsky markets also have good bars and in the Florentin area there are a ton of local bars around Vital and Florentin streets.

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