Our top restaurants in Budapest

Budapest is full of high-quality restaurants, cheap prices, good service and all this with a great atmosphere. No doubts that while traveling in Budapest you will have an amazing culinary experience. You can find there are many local restaurants, varying between Asian restaurants, vegan, and vegetarian ones and actually any type of restaurant that you wish to find.

Recommended restaurants

Hungarian restaurants

Regos Vendeglo

A Hungarian restaurant designed beautifully and suitable for a pleasant dinner or for a fun lunch. In the menu there are a lot of normal dishes and also special ones. We asked from the waiter to recommend us two starters and two main dishes.

He recommended us a bean soup with meat and salty pancakes stuffed with meat. And for the main dishes he recommended type of a type of gnocchi with mushrooms and a paprika sauce, and a deer dish. All the dishes were so good. The flavors were wonderful and even though I initially didn’t want to try the deer, I ended up tasting it and really loved it.

The service was excellent. Don’t miss this restaurant.
Price range: starters 2-6 euro, main dishes 6-11 euro.
Opening hours every day 12:00-22:00
Budapest, Szófia u. 33, 1068 Hungary

Pater Bonifac Kisvendeglot

A Hungarian restaurant close to hero’s round.
The restaurant is cozy and intimate with a varied menu of local dishes. The atmosphere and the food were great. We took a mushroom soup and goulash dish. They were very good and filling.

Price range:
Starters 2-4 euro, 4-13 euro. Most of the main dishes are in range of 4-6 euro and only a few with higher prices.
Opening hours
every day 11:00-22:00
Budapest, Dózsa György út 108, 1068 Hungary

Vegan restaurant

Slow Foodiez

The best vegan restaurant I have ever eaten in! It’s worth to eat breakfast or lunch there. I really recommend it even if you are not vegan.

We ordered a green shake that was very cheap and it was so refreshing. As a starter we ordered hazelnut soup (we shared it) that was creamy and with dedicated tastes. For our main dishes we chose a vegan sausage made from nuts that was served with a potato and cabbage salad on the side.

It was a filling and tasty dish in a Hungarian style. And the second dish we had was ravioli with spinach and cashew cheese and it was by far the tastiest ravioli I ever ate. So good!! I want to eat it again 🙂

For desert we took a chocolate orange cake and a mango with apricot cake. Those were excellent too.
They have special dishes every day and good breakfast. You should definitely go there.

BTW the restaurant change their menu often, so unfortunately there is a chance that when you be there, the Ravioli dish won’t be in the menu.

Price range:
starters 2-4 euro, main dishes 5-8 euro.
Opening hours
Tuesday -Sunday 10:00-18:00 on Monday it’s closed
Budapest, Szondi u. 11, 1067 Hungary

Vietnamese restaurant
Dang Muoi Pho Bistro

From the moment you enter the restaurant you smell Vietnam’s spices: cardamom, eugenia, garlic, and other good smells. The menu has a big variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes. For starters we ordered steamed spring rolls stuffed with shrimp, egg, pork, and vegetables. It was a light and tasty appetizer. For main dishes we ordered pho soup (I must mention that the large sized bowl is huge 🙂 so ask for it only if you are very hungry).

And another dish called “bun cha” that is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes (meat, vermicelli noodles, and the best sauce ever). All the dishes were very delicious and really reminded me of Vietnam.

There is no AC in the restaurant so if it’s a hot day, you should take it into consideration.

Price range: 3-8 euro
Opening hours: every day 10:00-22:00
Budapest, u 1065, Nagymező u. 51, 1065 Hungary

Black Cab burger

After a 3 hour tour in the Jewish quarter we were very hungry, so a hamburger was a great solution for us. I remembered that my friend had recommended me a good hamburger place so we decided to follow her suggestion.

We ordered two hamburgers: one was 220 g and the other 300 g with toppings and one side dish of French fries.
The hamburger was cooked perfectly and the bun was very good and of the right size (same size has the hamburger itself) the toppings were good, so it was a definitely a wise decision to go there.

Price range: 1.5-7 euro
Opening hours 11:00-23:45
They have two branches:
Budapest, 1088, Rákóczi út 19, 1088 Hungary
Budapest, Mester u. 46, 1095 Hungary

Indian Restaurant

Taj Mahal

Great Indian restaurant with cool vibes and full of people. The restaurant is pretty big, but it’s full most of the time. The waitresses all wear traditional Indian clothes and the place is decorated really nicely.  

We ordered two vegetarian dishes: palak paneer (Indian cheese with spinach), malai kofta (Indian dumplings), fish in curry sauce, and basmati rice. The dishes were so good. We really enjoyed our dinner there. If you are an Indian food fan you will love this restaurant.

Price range
Starters 1.5-6 euro, vegetarian dishes 5-8 euro, meat dishes 8-10 euro, fish dishes 9-13 euro.
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-23:00
Monday it’s closed
Budapest, Szondi u. 40, 1067 Hungary

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