Perfect hotel for a vacation to Paphos – Hotel recommendation for Paphos, Cyprus

While planning our trip for July (2019) we knew we wanted a relaxing vacation to catch a tan during (Both because it’s a great month to spend in the pool and the sea, and because it was Roman’s birthday and we wanted something fun and pampering). We looked for an option with a short flight (Since I’m pregnant).

We were torn between Cyprus and Greece, but when the opportunity arose for a partnership with Louis Hotels and we saw the high-class, well-reviewed hotels the company has to offer, we decided on a vacation to Cyprus.

This was our fourth time in Paphos and we thought we had seen it all, but this vacation went far beyond our expectations, due to both the amazing hotel and having found cool new things to do. Here’s the full post on fun things to do in Paphos.

Louis Paphos Breeze hotel

We were invited to the Louis Paphos Breeze hotel for five nights, all included, which was great as our flight was on a Monday, with a returning flight Saturday night with Ryanair – So we had five and a half days to enjoy the hotel.

It is a four-star hotel and we felt like at a resort and not a simple hotel, as it’s not a single large building but rather many pavilions with rooms with pools between them.

The hotel has two outdoors pols and a kid’s pool, a roofed pool, spa, gym, tennis court, ping pong table, Greek restaurant, a main restaurant with buffet meals, three bars and tanning beds across from the sea. You can stay at the hotel plus breakfast, or half board or with an all included package.

Upon arrival we were greeted with champagne and our luggage was taken to the room.
We received a suite with a view of the pool and sea, and it was definitely among the most beautiful rooms we stayed at.

The hotel suite

The suite is made up of a bedroom (With a double bed, closet, dresser and mirror), a living room (With two couches), a kitchenette (With a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee stand, kettle and tea), a dining area, shower room (Bathroom and shower) and a balcony with two chairs and a table. 

I really liked sitting on the balcony in the evening (When it was less hot) with a cold brew coffee and watching the sunset.

The suite was an amazing surprise on our trip and we felt like we were on a lucrative vacation.

All included at the hotel

When I say “All included”, I mean that literally. The stay includes alcohol, drinks, amazing food all day long and the option of visiting the Greek restaurant if you’re over the buffet meals.

There are three meals a day, each with a never-ending variety of food. Especially great is the dessert area. Breakfast for example includes a variety of vegetables, jams, pastries, cakes, breads, salads, hams and cheeses (Including hard cheeses), cereals, oatmeal, different stews, pancakes, an egg station by order, fruits and more…

Dinner is varied, with a different theme every night – Such as local food, Italian or Mexican… The Greek restaurant has a set menu and you get to try everything. When we were there at first, we were served different appetizers, then sea food dishes, the chicken and meat, and a dessert.

I liked that the hotel treats allergies and intolerances very seriously, the restaurant for example made sure ahead of time what I can have while pregnant, and at the dinning room I saw a kid with a serious nut allergy and how he was carefully shown what he may have. The wide variety makes for a great experience for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets. 

Between meals there are also snacks, meaning there’s not a hungry moment between breakfast and midnight. Afternoon snacks included food at the pool like chips, hamburgers, cakes and nuggets. At night there were many snacks like vegetables, sandwiches, ice-cream, olives and depending on the night – Pizza, nuggets, pigs in a blanket, chips and more.

In terms of drinks, there is alcohol (Wine, beers, cocktails), water, coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails and sodas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have cocktails, but Roman had a cocktail everyday and said the bloody Marry and Mojito were really nice. I had cold brew caffeine free coffee with soy milk three times a day, as it was great.

The pools at the hotel

There’s a main pool which I the largest, most families are there, if you have kids this is likely to be the pool you visit. If you’re looking for quiet, there’s another pool closer to the sea where it was very quiet and peaceful. By the pool are tanning beds, with more across from the sea – so you can always find a spot to sit. By the two pools are bars, you can always get a drink and enjoy your vacation.

Kids at the hotel

From what I could see, most of the hotel’s visitors were families. The hotel has a kid’s pool, a playground, a kid’s playroom and kid activities. There is also a babysitting service at the hotel.

The hotel’s location

The hotel is in a quiet area 10 minutes from the mall and about 15 minutes from the port. There are shuttles four times a day, for free, between the three locations. There’s no beach close by, so if you wish to reach Coral Bay (A popular beach in Paphos), it’s a 15-minute drive. You can get a cab there or ride the bus (The bus station is 10 minutes from the hotel).

We rented a car, like every previous visit to Paphos, as we thought it would be the easiest way to get around. There’s free parking at the hotel. Although they drive on the left side of the road, it’s nothing you won’t get used to in a few hours of driving. It’s recommended to take it slow and travel the entire area easily by car. Ideas for day trips out of Paphos.

Service at the hotel

The service was absolutely five-stars. Everyone was nice and courteous. The reception, dining room and bar staff. One of my favorite things was the impressive cake they bring anyone celebrating their birthday at the hotel, with the whole staff singing “happy birthday”. Since it was Roman’s birthday, I used the opportunity to tell them and have them embarrass him a bit. I also enjoyed having full service in the pools, you can sit by the water and ask for a drink, and it’s all included in the price.

More about the Louis Paphos Breeze hotel

By the hotel is the sea, but there’s no proper beach, so you can’t enter the water (All the hotels in the area don’t have a beach). The hotel is located in a calm area, so if you’re looking for nightlife you should go to the port area at night. Since the moment we stepped foot in the hotel, we understood why the reviews were so great.

The service was incredible, the hotel’s design is modern and pretty, the pools are fun, the room was gorgeous and the food was great (Too great honestly, we couldn’t stop eating there). During the evening you’ll find shows and activities. Every morning at ten and a half is a yoga class.

The Greek restaurant requires reservation in advance, but it’s included in the package. If you’re going out on a trip, you can ask a lunch box a day in advance, and as mentioned there are free shuttles from the hotel to the mall and the port.

We really enjoyed the stay at the hotel and were bummed to leave, I think this is a great option for anyone looking for a high-class vacation in Paphos at a good price.

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