Recommended markets in Tel Aviv

One of our favorite things in Tel Aviv are the many varied markets in it. If you’re foodies, you must visit the markets. Even if you aren’t looking to buy or eat anything, it’s still worth visiting the markets – the Carmel market, Levinsky market and the flea market, for their unique atmosphere you probably won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Here are the recommended markets in Tel Aviv. Each market has its own charm and uniqueness. It’s recommended to go hungry, so you can try as many foods as possible 🙂

Markets in Tel Aviv

Carmel market

If you’re looking for a culinary atmosphere and/or a cultural experience, Carmel market is the one to visit. It’s a long market, full of mess, noise, people – a true experience. In the small alleys, as well as the market itself, you’ll find many restaurants and food stalls with all sorts of different cuisines. There’s Israeli, Arabic, Thai, Mexican, Egyptian and more.
Additionally, there are many stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, varied spices, dried fruit and more.
At the entrance to the market, which starts on Alenbi street, you’ll find cheap clothes, souvenirs, paintings, accessories and more.

Adjacent to the Carmel market is the Nahalt Binyamin market, where you’ll find different handcrafted items, from signs for your apartment, to jewelry, ornaments and much more.
We recommend coming early, so it’s not too hot to walk around or towards closing times in the afternoon, that way you can enjoy the different bars in the market area.
On Friday afternoon you’ll find the most jovial, bustling atmosphere.
If you come towards closing time on Friday, you’ll be able to buy fruits and vegetables at really low prices, as they have sales towards closing time.

What must-tries in Carmel market?

One thing you have to try while you’re at the market is the Brik. You’ll know the stall when you hear someone calling “Burika! Burika!”. Brik is a pastry filled with potato and egg, deep fried and sometimes served in a pita bread if you’re feeling really decadent. This is one of Roman’s favorite dishes.
At the market you’ll also find Druze Pita with Labane  (Sour cheese) and Za’atar.
And of course it’s recommended to explore the small alleyways, where you’ll find additional treasures.
Market working hours

Sunday through Thursday, 08:00 – 19:00
Friday, 08:00 – 16:00

Map, another post I had written about the Carmel market
Post about a hotel by the Carmel market

Levinsky market

Levinsky market is very different from the Carmel market. It doesn’t feel as market-y, but rather more like an area of shops, restaurants and bars. However, walking around in it, you’ll find yourself drowning in the different smells of spices, dried fruit and more. You can find groceries there, such as legumes, spices, tea extracts and more.
The market has a light atmosphere and is especially bustling on Friday afternoons.

What must-tries in Levinski market?

At the market you can have excellent humus and real bourekas. Additionally, there are two middle eastern style restaurants – Ouzeria and Dalida, that are highly recommended.
And, if you’d like some quality coffee, you can find the Tony & Esther café on a side street. You can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere, some great food and excellent coffee.
Working hours: Each place has its own hours. Some stay open until very late, but the market is generally open:
Sunday through Thursday, 08:30 – 18:00
Friday, 08:30 – 15:00 . Map

Ha-Tikva market

The most local and authentic market in Tel Aviv. We actually got to visit it thanks to a great tour we went on. Link to extended post about the food tour we had there. Map

Flea market

There are several good reasons to visit the flea market. One of them is what a cool experience it is to wonder among the different peddlers and see their wares. If you like searching for special items and restoring them or digging for treasures, you’ll love this place.

The second reason to visit the flea market is that the entire area is extremely vibrant. Starting in the afternoon and through to the small hours of the night, you can enjoy a beer and a snack. This is one of the most fun places to hangout and hop between bars. There are also Greek restaurants and cool cafés.
We recommend visiting it on Thursday night, and if you’d like more of the flea market experience, it’s open Sunday through Friday, 09:00 – 17:00
Map, Link to post I had written about a hotel by the flea market

Sarona market – Modern, lucrative market

If you’d like a calmer, more lucrative experience – Sarona market is the one for you. There you’ll find a roofed, airconditioned, trendy market with many food stalls from around the world. Pasta, Hamburgers, fish, ramen and more and you’ll also find many types of decadent desserts. There are also stores selling dried fruit, nature stores, cafés and more. This market is very different to the others and is also open on Saturdays. It’s quite narrow and can therefore feel crowded when there are many people about. We recommend coming here on weekdays, that way you can walk around and eat there in peace.
Working hours for Sarona market are as follows

Saturday through Thursday, 09:00 – 23:00
Friday, 09:00 – 18:00. Map

Tel Aviv port market

The market itself is nothing special, but! If you’re traveling in the Tel Aviv port area, we highly recommend visiting the market and buying a quality sandwich, like the Herring sandwich or going to the fish stand and asking for a ceviche to go. You could buy some Cherry tomatoes and a natural squeezed juice and have a picnic on the tribunes or the benches by the sea, it’s one of the most fun things ever. And, if you’re looking for fast food, you could try Jachnun, Malawach, Bourekas and Druze food.

Working hours are as follows

Saturday through Thursday, 09:00 – 20:00. Friday, 07:00 – 16:00 .Map

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