Recommended restaurants in Hurfeish – Druze Village in the north of Israel

All the restaurants that we tried in Hurfeish  (north Israel) were amazing. Everything is of local production. Everything is fresh, the places are clean, quiet, with a homey atmosphere and of course with awesome food. Read about things to do in Hurfeish and lodging .

Druze Pita

On the main road (road 89) there is a sign that says: “Alulid point druze pita”.
From whole wheat flour.
The woman who runs the place is Kochav Pars (Kochav in Hebrew means star). And like her name, she is really a star there. Every morning she makes fresh pitas, labaneh (soft white goat’s milk cheese) , and stuffed grape leaves with rice.

Everything is homemade, and her sister makes the hyssop (spice from herb) . Kochav prepared for us a pita with labane, hyssop and a little bit of spice. We also ordered the stuffed leaves that were excellent. But the pita was WOW. that was the best pita we ever ate. It was crunchy and huge (i ate only half, but i took the other half take with me). People all around the country are coming to eat here and i understand why.

In the winter, the place is covered, and there is a fireplace.
The place is open every day from 08:-21:00 (sometimes even later).
We arrived at this place as part of a tour

Sambusak Haarazim

In Hurfeish there are several Sambusak’s places (sambusak: These savory turnover pastries, similar to hand pies, are stuffed with a variety of fillings, from ground lamb or beef to chickpeas to cheese and more).

We decided to try this place: Sambusak Haarazim. I don’t know how the rest of the food is, but i tasted the best sambusak ever. They make everything fresh every day. I tried the cheese sambusak with tomato sauce (called “sambusak pizza”) and Roman tried the lamb sambusak. They both were amazing. They are so delicious and filling. It was so good that we decided to buy 10 sambusaks for take away and put them in our fridge.

Nimer Shawarma

The shawarma is on the main road across from bank “Mercantil”. I was already full from the sambusak, so i just watched Roman eat. He ordered Shawarma in taboon bread. The salads you can put but yourself so it’s nice. Roman said that the shawarma is really good and he was satisfied that they gave him a lot of meat and the taboon bread was thin.

Yarden Bakery

It’s also on the main road. The moment we arrived there,the Knafeh was already finished (Knafeh is a Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup). The owner of the place asked us if we want to wait 20 minutes and she will make a new one.

Of course we wanted her to. Meanwhile, we sat and ordered coffee. After 20 minutes, the Knafeh was ready, and she served it to us. The Knafeh was stuffed with fresh goat cheese (the cheese is imported specially from dairy farms). The Knafeh is a true delight.

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Pninat Hahar restaurant

Also on the main road across from the druze pita. Really good middle Eastern restaurant. They have great salads, meat dishes like lamb chops and shish kebab, hummus, chips and good desserts. The restaurant is clean and welcoming, if you are hungry, this is definitely the place to eat lunch.

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