Segway tour in Tel Aviv – Light tour in the Yarkon park, including less known locations

I’ve been on several Segway tours in my life, two of which were in Tel Aviv and the other in Paphos, Cyprus, and actually I’ve done the Segway tour in the Yarkon park twice! Once with my cousin, who had just turned 16 (The Segway tour is for 16 and up) and another time two weeks ago, in the middle of November.

I’ve decided to do the tour again to take better pictures for the blog 🙂 I’ve done the tour in the Yarkon park through the Segways company (Link to tour).

The tour was on Saturday, with another blogger named Sahar. Since Saturday is a popular day, we were a group of 13 people. Being that large of a group, we had two guides with us, the lovely Eyal and Daniel.

Segway tour in Tel Aviv

We met Eyal and Daniel by their offices at the Tel Aviv port (Next to the Wertheimer store). We had to sign a form, then each of us had to put on a pair of knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet (Safety should always come first). We then split into two groups, and each guide explained riding on a segway, what to watch out for, how to operate it and what’s important to pay attention to. Then, we each got on the Segway and drove around with the guide, to show we were confident enough and were able to operate the Segway.

After each of us received a Segway and practiced riding it, we began the ride towards Yarkon park. Eyal and Daniel were very patient and careful, and each time it got crowded or we had to cross a street or a narrow path, they stood on both sides to make sure we cross safely.

During the tour we stopped at several spots, which gave us the opportunity to take photos. We also asked the guides to take our picture once in a while. Daniel told us a few stats about the Yarkon park and I’ve found out new things I hadn’t previously known about, like the fact that the Yarkon is the largest urban park in the world, even larger than central park!

The ride in the park was really fun, but since it was Saturday it was crowded and there weren’t many places for us to stop and take pictures at. But we did arrive at a beautiful place called The Bird’s head, where there’s a fantastic vantage point over the park.

To summarize, the tour was around an hour and a half and I think it was a great way to see and learn about the park. Daniel and Eyal are great guides, funny and nice as well as very cautious.

Notes about the segway tour

  • Riding the segway itself is simple and suitable for anyone, if it’s your first time – you might be a little scared at first, but you get used to it within a few minutes and it gets easier.
  • When I did the tour with my cousin, we were a relatively small group of six. This time we were 13 people. The difference is that this time I went on the tour on a Saturday, which is apparently a slightly poorer day for it. There are more people on the tour itself and the park is crowded too, making the ride a bit more difficult. So, my recommendation is doing the tour during a weekday if possible, or on Friday. Of course, the tour on Saturday was nice as well, but having the ability to compare from my previous try, I felt that this time it was more crowded, and we had time for less things.
  • During the ride you’re not allowed to take pictures due to safety reasons, so if you’re planning on taking selfies during the ride – forget it.
  • Bring comfortable, closed shoes to the tour, since standing on the segway requires balance and comfort.
  • The segway tour is a great attraction for a hangout with friends, family or your partner.
  • The tour was as part of a cooperation with the company.

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