The stunning Bellano village in Lake Como

Lake Como is actually one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Italy. It is such a scenic and breathtaking location. There is a lot to see, a lot to do, fantastic restaurants, incredible views, and nice people.

One of our favorite places near Lake Como is Bellano Village. During our second day at Lake Como, we decided to spend the night at Dervio, which is near by to Bellano.

We rented a car so we just parked by the entrance of the village and started walking and exploring by foot.

Coffee by the Lake

As soon as we got to Lake Como we had to refuel, so we sat at a cafe to have some coffee. It was pretty cloudy, but the temperatures were good and it didn’t rain, so we decided to take our coffees outside. We were the only ones sitting on the porch and it was great 🙂 This way we took loads of pictures and videos without having people looking at us with a weird look.

There are several cafes and restaurants that are aligned along the lake, and it’s so so nice to just sit there and eat, or enjoy a cup of Italian coffee. After we had our caffeine dosage, we started walking around the village and at some point we decided to go to Orrido Di Bellano.

Orrido Di Bellano

The Orrido Di Bellano is a creek that was naturally created around 15 million years ago, that we read of before reaching to the area. We read that it’s worth paying a visit, but we had no clue that it would be so impressive.

There was a beautiful waterfall and the creek itself was just so gorgeous. For an entire hour we just walked around, and admired the beauty. The creek is easy to find. There are signs in the village that point the way. After we left, we decided to explore the hiking trails.

Via XXV Aprile, 4, 23822 Bellano LC, Italy
Hours: Everyday from 11am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. Entrance is 3 euros.

Short hiking Trail with a viewpoint to the village

We decided to follow the signs and to climb up. On the way up, we passed through a cemetery and we climbed quite a lot of stairs to get to the top. There are signs all the way to the hill, and every time you look up you discover breathtaking view of the lake and refuel with energy. The trail is about 30 minutes overall, and we saw that there were also longer trails.

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