Top things to do in Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava

Lloret De Mar is a beach town in Costa Brava. Beyond the beautiful beaches and the lively night life, you’ll find museums, gorgeous gardens, vantage points, walking tracks and more.

How to reach Lloret De Mar?

We got there using a car we rented through the Rentalcars website. The drive is just over an hour.
There’s also a train going there, after which you’ll need to take a short bus ride or a direct bus route from Barcelona. There is also an airport in Girona (Which you can get a bus from).

If you’re planning to travel a lot, it’s recommended to rent a car/motorbike/ATV. However, you can rest easy if you decide to use public transportation, as there are busses to every area.

Where to stay at Lloret De Mar?

We stayed at Hotel Delamar, a rally high quality 4-star hotel for adults only (18+). We were invited to stay at this hotel and decided to accept the offer when we saw the great reviews it had received. Upon our arrival, it was clear why it was reviewed so highly. It’s the perfect hotel for a calm, sunny vacation. It’s a minute away from the beach, is surrounded by places to eat at and by all of the city’s night life. An extended post I’ve written about our experience at the Delamar hotel. Reviews of the hotel and hotel prices comparison.

Things to do in Lloret De Mar

Activities offered by the Lloret De Mar office of tourism

Lloret De Mar’s tourism office invests a lot in free or symbolically priced activities for the town’s residents and tourists. You can find them on their website – A schedule of their activities per month.
We were on a tour combining the history of Lloret De Mar with a visit to Nicholas’ house (Which now serves as a museum). I highly recommend visit their website and checking out which activities are on while you’re there.

Tour of Lloret De Mar

During august, the office of tourism offered a tour of the town and Indianos’ house (Which now serves as a museum). Since there weren’t any tours planned for the duration of our stay (We were only there for three days), the tourism office of Lloret De Mar was really nice and arranged for us to take the tour privately, so we could experience one of the town’s tours.

The tour guide was Martha, who was very nice and interesting, as well as a local resident living right in the middle of things. The boardwalk was created by piling sand in the sea and pushing it back from the beach. The reason for this was an attempt to create more space for houses for the returning Indianos. The Indianos was a nickname for those who found their fortune in the United States before returning to their homeland. They usually built fancy houses, only two of which remain in Lloret De Mar.

The tour started at the boardwalk, which has a fascinating history – We then visited Iglesia de Sant Romà church, its exterior design reminding me of the palace from Aladdin. I was very excited by it.  A part of the church was destroyed during the civil war, but through considerable efforts, some parts were saved during the war and others were reconstructed. It was interesting to learn about what happened there.

We then continued to Cant Font, a house ordered by Nicolau Font i Maig. Nicolau was a 27-year-old man who returned from Cuba after building his fortune there (He was sent to work there when he was a boy). The house was built in 1877. It has a cellar, three stories and an attic, and is design in a modern fashion.

The house is really cool! It’s hard to believe it was designed 141 years ago. It seems Nicolau had an extremely modern taste which was ahead of its time. Lloret De Mar’s city council purchased the property in 1981, to conserve one of the original houses from the Indianos time period left in town. We really enjoyed the tour of this house. Most of the furniture is the original from the days of Nicolau, with only some of it being restored.

It was nice imagining him living there.
Tip: This house is very unique and has an interesting design. There’s no way to visit it on your own, so if you visit Lloret De Mar and there isn’t a tour to Cant Font while you’re there, you can visit this link ahead of time and arrange your visit in advance.

Santa Clotilde Gardens

If you’re looking for something mentally soothing, you’ll like these gardens. The gardens were designed by the famous architect Nicolau Rubió i Tuduri. They have fountains, stairs, trees, Mediterranean plants and one of my favourite things, a vantage point over one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. There are also benches to sit on and just enjoy the quiet.
Admittance is by a fee.

Cala Boadella beach by the gardens

While you’re at the gardens, you can view the gorgeous beach. I recommend not only viewing it, but actually going to visit it 🙂 You can follow a path to reach it. There’s no way to access it directly by vehicle. You’ll have to park in the garden area and walk from there. There’s a turn onto the path (Landmark) and after walking for about five minutes, you’ll arrive at the beach.

We got there during lunch hours and were hungry, so we decided to first eat at a restaurant on the beach, before going to sit on the beach itself.
The restaurant is nice and has classic beach food. We ordered pasta, a hamburger and fries which were alright (The price is also good, coming out to about 20 euros for the whole meal).

Afterwards we laid down our towels and rested on the beach.  The sand itself is actually tiny rocks, rather than your typical sand, which for me was great, as it didn’t stick to our bodies. It’s also important to note that if you follow the beach to the right you reach a nudist beach, so make sure to avoid that direction if that’s less your speed 🙂 Map

Sant pere del bosc vantage point with coffee

This place was recommended to us by our tour guide, Martha. Without her we never would have found it, and I think it’s a super cool and unique suggestion. This place is about 20 minutes away by car. There’s no way to reach it by public transport.

It used to be a sanctuary for vulnerable people , and now serves as a hotel.
First off, if you’re looking for a hotel in a secluded area for a few days of peace and quiet, this is one you might want to check out. It’s on the mountain side, as a pool and incredibly beautiful views.
We dove there to enjoy the view and what’s really nice is that there’s a small bar by the hotel pool, where we ordered coffee and then sat upstairs on the sofas opposite the amazing view of the sea and the surrounding area.

The hotel also has a restaurant where you can eat and another great option is visiting during dinner hours, There’s a restaurant just outside (Not belonging to the hotel) where you can have a romantic dinner across from the stunning view.

MapPhone number for restaurant reservations: 972-36-1248 Additionally, there are marked walking routes if you want to go on a nice trek on the mountain.

Beach by the hotel

One of the fun things about Lloret De Mar is her beaches, after all, it is a beach town. Our hotel, Delamar, is situated right by the sea and we really enjoyed going over to it. You can rent a tanning bed with an umbrella or just bring a towel and sit on the beach.

Night life

Lloret De Mar is famous for its lively night life. Many people come there for the bar and party night life. Honestly, we walked so much during the day that we were too tired to enjoy the night life, but we did walk along the bar and restaurant filled streets, as well as the boardwalk. Those coming there to party won’t be disappointed.

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