Unique cabins in Transylvania, Romania

Before our trip to Romania, my dad told us of lovely guesthouses and cabins he stayed at in Austria and Switzerland, and some of them served really nice dinners and breakfasts. I liked the idea of staying at unique places so I started looking for special cabins in Romania! I simply googled “special cabins in Romania.”

After a lot of searches I found 2 places that seemed really nice and fit us perfectly with our planned course. The first one is a guesthouse owned by the Royal family, and when Prince Charles is in Romania, he is staying there! How cool?

The second place is a wooden cabin in a secluded spot inside a forest.
Both of them seemed so magical, and they were a good distance from Brasov and Sinaia, which are the places we wanted to get to.

Count Kalnoky’s Transylvania Guesthouse

Count Kalnoky’s is a guesthouse that has several different old houses that have been restored. 

In the beginning the main purpose for Count Kalnoky was saving architectural heritage and helping the people in the area with tourism.

The breakfasts are served outside in a beautiful garden with horses.

You can choose from reserving a night and paying for breakfast and dinner, or you can also choose to have 3 meals that also include activities on the property. I ordered the cabin by emailing the concierge and paid in advance. We ordered the 2 meal option, since we knew that we were not going to have enough time to do the activities.

We made it to the guesthouse around noon from Brasov. It’s about an hour drive. When we first got there it felt like we traveled in time at least a hundred years backwards.

The guesthouse is located in a non-touristy area, with a lot of horses and not many cars. We wanted to have lunch but it turns out that you had to let them know in advance since they make just enough for all of their guests. We ended up driving 10km to a different village and we bought groceries for a little picnic of bread, cheese, sausage, and vegetables.

The Cabin

After having lunch we went to our cabin. It was located about 400 meters from the main area, about a 5 minute walk.

It was the most impressive cabin I’ve ever stayed at. We got the Prince’s cabin, which is the most impressive one. It had a lovely bath and a really cool bed. The guesthouse have ancient furniture, which makes you feel even more that you traveled back in time.

All beds have a king sized bed with a lot of wool blankets. There is no TV, but there are a lot of books instead to keep you entertained. There is also an electrical kettle with coffee and tea.  There is no wifi, so we just used a local sim card.
The place is so nice and calm, it was an absolute pleasure.


For dinner we went downstairs to a wine cellar. It was really fancy. We sat at the table with 6 other guests and it was really fun. The food is served to the middle of the table. It is obviously traditional Romanian food. They served chopped salad, eggplant salad, bread, mamaliga, chicked, and Romanian dumplings. They also served great red and white wines. By the end of the meal we were served dessert with coffee or tea.

If you have any food allergies, if you are vegan or vegetarian, then you must let them know in advance.
We sat at the table for about 3 hours. We had a lovely evening talking with the rest of the guests.


In the morning we met everyone again in the outside picnic area. We were served omelets, vegetables, cheese and sausage. Bread, butter and jam, muesli, yogurt, and coffee.

We really enjoyed experiencing this unique guesthouse. We were sad in the end because we had to leave so soon. We will definitely go back. The experience was amazing and it had a real value for money.

We got there with a car, but they also have a shuttle service. We met a couple from the United States that went to Romania for a week just for the guest house. They didn’t rent a car and took the 3 meal and activities package.

Count Kálnoky’s guesthouses
525104 Micloșoara, nr. 186
Jud. Covasna, Transylvania

A secluded cabin in the forest

After staying at the lovely guest house we drove to the secluded cabin we ordered through Airbnb. You can still CLICK HERE and get $40 off when you make your first order on Airbnb.

We stayed at the cabin for 2 nights. I chatted with the owner for a while before getting there. It was completely secluded and I wanted to find out where we can get food around there. Turns out there is a town nearby where we bought some meat, fruit and veggies.

We also got a recommendation for a local shop that sells homemade sausage, as well as another local shop that sells homemade cheese, organic milk, and organic eggs.

We ended up pulling over 3 times before getting to our little hut in the woods. It was a really nice experience and we felt like true locals.

To get to the cabin we had to go through a dirt road that is about 6km. We had to drive super slow because there are a lot of rocks and we didn’t want to damage the car.

When we first got the to cabin we were so shocked from how gorgeous it was. It was so nice to experience just us and nature. The cabin has everything you might need. There is a kitchen, and nice living room, a bedroom, wifi, bathroom and shower, a nice picnic table, grill, fireplace, etc.

For lunch Roman made steaks with potatoes and I made the salad. It was really nice to be sitting outside with some wine and delicious food, listening to the birds chirping and the tiny stream near us.

The cabin runs on solar electricity and it means that if there is no sun, there isn’t much electricity. We ended up having dinner to the light of candles and without any electricity. It was really romantic .  

Also, the heating and the water are ran by wood, and we didn’t quite get the whole concept and it was a bit of a hustle. Thank god for YouTube tutorials.

We really enjoyed staying at the cabin in the woods, and if you are looking for some peace and quiet then this is the perfect place for you. The near villages are about 25-40 minutes away and you can get there only by a car.

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